We help you move forward in your working life

Welcome to Omstella, transition and competence support for employees in ideologically driven and cooperative operations.

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Is your organization connected to Omstella?

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Have you been laid off?

Being laid off can cause immediate concern. We want to remedy that. We help you see the opportunities in front of you and assist you in taking control of your work life. Among other things, we can help you expand your skills, start your own business, and provide financial support.

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Employee and looking to enhance your skills?

Developing and strengthening your skills is always a good idea to stay relevant in the job market. You can receive support if you want to further develop yourself or acquire new skills in the field you are already working in. You can also use it to completely change your career direction. The main thing is that the support should enhance your future position in the job market.

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Omstella Supports Your Employees

Security, skills provision, and adjustment are high on the agenda in the non-profit and cooperative sector. Omstella guides operations to better opportunities for employees to strengthen their skills during employment and in transitions. Omstella can also provide guidance and advice in connection with organizational changes.